@Member in reverse

How to find the last position in a text list up to 99 elements.

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@Member finds a value's first position in a text list. This formula finds all positions of a string. It works for lists with up to 99 elements.

_listToSearch := "a":"b":"c":"b":
_searchString := "c"; 
_0_to_99 := _digits *+ _digits; 
_1_to_99 := @Subset(_0_to_99; -99); 
_1_to_numOfElements:[email protected]
(_1_to_99; @Elements(_listToSearch)); 
_list1:= _listToSearch + _1_to_numOfElements; 
_list2 := _searchString + _1_to_numOfElements; 
_list3 := @Replace(_list1;_list2;""); 
_list4 := @Replace(_list1;@Trim(_list3);""); 
_positionsString:[email protected](@Trim
(_list4);_list2; _1_to_numOfElements); 
_position :[email protected](_positionsString="" ; 


Another way, rather than trying to keep track of all those @Replace calls, is to use @Right:

_listToSearch := "a":"b":"c":"b":"b":"a":"c":"b";
_searchString := "c";
_0_to_99 := _digits *+ _digits;
_1_to_99 := @Subset(_0_to_99; -99);
_1_to_numOfElements:[email protected]
(_1_to_99; @Elements(_listToSearch));
_list1:= _listToSearch + _1_to_numOfElements;

REM "<-- New code starts here -->";
_locs := @Trim(@Right(_list1; _searchString));
_position := @If(@Elements(_locs) = 0; 
@Replace(_locs; ""; "Not found");
@Subset(_locs; -1));
-- SearchDomino.com member


I wished I'd had this formula about six months ago! (And why couldn't I come up with it myself!?!) This one is definitely a keeper! Thanks!

-- Jo R.


Using @Right instead of @Replace is not a correct substitution for this task:

If you start with the list
    _listToSearch := "a":"b":"xc":"b":"b":"a":"xc":"b";
you will get the same result as using
    _listToSearch := "a":"b":"c":"b":"b":"a":"c":"b"
-- Lothar F.


If you need to work on lists with more than 99 elements, just replace the list that is hold in var "_1_to_99" ("1":"2":.......:"99") with a list that is long enough for your needs; for example, "_1_to_999" ("1":"2":.......:"999")

This is all you need to change!

-- Joachim Rapp

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