Memo Footer Signature - Using Personal Name.Nsf

By putting the following function in the script library and call it in the
Postopen event of Memo, Reply and Reply with History forms, it will display the
footer signature when a memo is compose or reply. Users to easily change their
footer signature under the Comment field in their person document in the
personal address book.
Function AddSignature
Dim Workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace
Dim Session As New NotesSession
Dim dbNames As New NotesDatabase("","names.nsf")
Dim CurrUserName As New NotesName(Session.UserName)

Dim UIdocMail As NotesUIDocument
Dim viewPeople As NotesView
Dim docMail As NotesDocument
Dim docPeople As NotesDocument

Set UIdocMail = Workspace.CurrentDocument
Set docMail = UIdocMail.Document

If Not (UIdocMail.IsNewDoc) Or (UIdocMail.EditMode = False) Or
(docMail.From(0) <> CurrUserName.Canonical) Then
Exit Function
End If
Dim SignMsg As String
kfound% = 0
Set viewPeople = dbNames.GetView("($VIMPeople)")
Set docPeople = viewPeople.GetDocumentByKey(CurrUserName.Abbreviated)
While Not (docPeople Is Nothing)

Dim rtitem As Notesrichtextitem
On Error Resume Next
Set rtitem = docPeople.GetFirstItem( "Comment" )
If rtitem Is Nothing Then Exit Function
If ( rtitem.Type = RICHTEXT ) Then
signMsg = rtitem.GetFormattedText( False, 0 )
End If

Dim checkform As String
If UIdocMail.FieldGetText("SendTo") = "" Then
checkform = "new"
checkform = "old"
End If

Call UIdocMail.GotoField("Body")
Call UIdocMail.InsertText(Chr(10) + SignMsg )

If checkform = "new" Then
Call UIdocMail.gotoField("SendTo")
Call UIdocMail.gotoField("Body")
End If

kfound% = 1
Set docPeople = Nothing
End Function

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