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Monitoring the status of external processes on a Lotus Domino server

You can edit your events4.nsf form to include tasks, but did you realize you can also use it to monitor external prcocesses on your Domino server? Learn how and the benefits in this tip.

Tip:TI recently logged a problem management record (PMR) with IBM when I discovered that the task status list in events4.nsf did not have the cluster replicator task. This meant that I could not use Domino Domain Monitoring (DDM) to monitor the cluster replicator's task status.

But what if I needed to monitor the task of an external process, such as SMDreal? Editing the task status form in events4.nsf can accomplish this.

To monitor the status of a task that's not listed under the task status event generator in events4.nsf, you can add it to the Event GeneratorTask Status form.

In the task field of the form, enter the task as it appears in the "sh ta" output. You can now monitor it like a regular Domino task.

The task status form can be modified in the template events4.ntf so that the design will be in events4.nsf each time it's recreated. You may also want to replicate events4.ntf to other Lotus Domino servers within your domain so that other Domino servers can inherit the design. For example, to monitor the following tasks, add Cluster Replicator and SMDreal into the task field.

 Cluster Replicator Idle SMDreal Idle

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