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Moodstamp Automatic Emails With Doclinks

I have a fairly large Requisition database that I created a few years ago that
routes and mails document links automatically between submitter, approvers and
the Purchasing Department. As the user's worked the kinks out of it, I
received a number of requests to add a "Hot Send" button to put a visible "Mood
Stamp" on certain emails to alert Purchasing to rush orders. The problem was
the actions that I used in the database took advantage of the simple @MailSend
function with the IncludeDocLink flag and I needed to keep the DocLink
functionality. So, I turned to a fairly simple LotusScript to tackle this

Create an action in the form that you want to 'send' to users with the mood
stamp and paste the script below into it.

*The _ViewIcon field can hold any value that Notes can evaluate to a system
icon and the default mail views will display all of them. See "Displaying an
icon in a column' in your Domino 5 Designer Help file.

Here are the Memo default "MoodStamps" and their corresponding values:
MoodStamp Value Description
Personal 170 Looks like a gold coin
Confidential 169 Looks like a red coin
Private 163 Stealthy guy in a red hat
Thank You! 85 Smiley face
Flame 74 Match on fire
Good Job 159 Gold Star
Joke 166 Groucho glasses
FYI 23 Newspaper
Question 162 Question mark in a comment bubble
Reminder 10 String on a finger

This script is very flexible, as you can easily reference fields on the
existing document to automate the SendTo, CopyTo and BlindCopyTo lists.
Sub Click(Source As Button)
Dim nuiw As New notesuiworkspace
Dim ns As New notessession
Dim ndb As notesdatabase
Dim ndocnew As notesdocument
Dim nuidoc As notesuidocument
Dim bodyfield As notesrichtextitem
Dim ndoc As notesdocument

Set nuidoc = nuiw.currentdocument 'these two lines set a pointer
Set ndoc = nuidoc.document 'to the existing document

Set ndb=ns.currentdatabase
Set ndocnew = New notesdocument(ndb) 'this creates the new document
Set bodyfield = New notesrichtextitem(ndocnew,"Body") 'this creates the
richtext item "Body"
Call bodyfield.appendtext("Please click on the link to open the document -->
Call bodyfield.appenddoclink(ndoc,"Click to View Linked Document") 'this
creates the doclink to the original document
ndocnew.sendto ="John Doe" 'put your SendTo list here
ndocnew.copyto = "Jane Doe"
ndocnew.subject = "Hot Send" 'put your Subject Line here
Set itemIcon = ndocnew.appenditemvalue("_ViewIcon",74) 'this turns on the
'flame' *see note
Call ndocnew.send(False)

End Sub

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