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Move folders from one Notes database to another using a LotusScript agent member Marko Bonaci provides a LotusScript agent that will move folders from your current Notes/Domino database to another that you specify.


When you run the LotusScript code below, it will ask you which folders you want to move from a current Notes/Domino database and to which database you want them moved.

Sub Initialize
    Dim s As New NotesSession
    Dim w As New NotesUIWorkspace
    Dim dbSource As NotesDatabase, dbDest As NotesDatabase
    Dim source As NotesView, dest As NotesView
    Dim vc As NotesViewEntryCollection
    Dim docDest As NotesDocument
    Dim ve As NotesViewEntry
    Dim folders() As String
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim ret, rez
    Set dbSource = s.CurrentDatabase
    Forall v In dbSource.Views
        If v.IsFolder Then
            i = i + 1
            Redim Preserve folders( i - 1 ) As String
            folders( i - 1 ) = v.Name
        End If
    End Forall
    ret = w.Prompt( PROMPT_OKCANCELLISTMULT, "Folder selection", 
"Select one or more folders to move.", folders(0), folders )
    If Isempty( ret ) Then 
        Messagebox "User canceled", , "Folder not selected" 
        Exit Sub
        Forall f In ret    
            Set source = dbSource.GetView( f )
            Set vc = source.AllEntries
            rez = w.Prompt( 13, "Database selection", 
"Choose the database to move the folder to" )
            If Isempty( rez ) Then Messagebox "User canceled", , 
"Database not selected" : Exit Sub
            Set dbDest = s.GetDatabase( rez(0), rez(1), False )
            Call dbDest.EnableFolder( f )
            Set ve = vc.GetFirstEntry
            Do Until ve Is Nothing
                Set docDest = ve.Document.CopyToDatabase( dbDest )
                Call docDest.PutInFolder( f )
                Set ve = vc.GetNextEntry( ve )
            Call vc.RemoveAllFromFolder( f )
            Call source.Remove
        End Forall
    End If
End Sub


Here's a quick add-on that will allow you to copy the design of the folder as well.

Sub Initialize
...<snip> ...
'Code added
Dim col As NotesViewColumn

... <snip> ...
Set dbDest = s.GetDatabase
( rez(0), rez(1), False )
Call dbDest.EnableFolder( f )

'Code added
Set dest = dbDest.GetView( f )

'Copy the columns from the 
source to the destination folder 
While dest.ColumnCount > 0
Call dest.RemoveColumn(dest.ColumnCount)
For i = 0 To source.ColumnCount-1
Set col = dest.CopyColumn(source.Columns(i), i+1) 

'Code added
... <snip> ...

End Sub

—Raimund G.

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