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Moving a database to another server

How to move a database to another server

Databases can be moved easily to another server using the Adminp process or manually as described in the Administration help. However, extra code needs to be added in the button to remove the old icon and add the new icon to the database, or users will end up having both old and new icons, which might cause confusion.

Steps to move database "Test.nsf" from Server A to Server B:

1. Create a new copy of "Test.nsf" on Server B.
2. Delete "Test.nsf" on Server A
3. Create a new database "Test.nsf" on Server A with a blank template
4. Go into database properties, set Launch option to "Open About Database Document"
4. Add a button in the About database document with the following formula in Click event.

   @PostedCommand([FileDatabaseRemove];"Server A":"Test.nsf");
   @Prompt([OK];"Database Migration";"This database has been moved to Server B.
   An icon to this database on Server B will be added to your workspace. You
   will be prompted to remove old icon, PLEASE ANSWER YES to this prompt.");
   @PostedCommand([AddDatabase];"Server B":"Test.nsf")

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