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Multiple Instances Of Notes Client. (Great For Multiuser)

You can have Mulitple instances of Notes (Any Client) running on your desktop
at the same time, while still retaining individual desktop settings and

At installation, notes also installs the "nlnotes.exe" program. This allows you
to run multiple instances of Notes. If you want to have seperate, individual
instances running, follow the included directions.
1. - Create another directory under c:\notes\(new name) {i.e. c:\notes\michael}.
2. - In this new directory, copy all the information from c:\notes\data,
excluding the .nsf & .dsk files. (notes will recreate these upon startup).
3. - Copy the notes.ini file from c:\windows, and place it into this new
4. - Edit the new notes.ini file {i.e. c:\notes\michael\notes.ini}, and delete
everything below the "Directory=c:\notes\data" line, returing so that the
cursor is under this line. Save this file.
5. - Create a shortcut on your desktop with the Target as c:\notes\nlnotes.exe
and the Start In directory as c:\notes\(new name) {i.e. Start In =
6. - Startup the new Lotus Notes Shortcut just created.

This will start a new instance of Lotus Notes, and it will look like it is the
first time it has been run. Walking you through the setup procedures once more,
asking for the ID file and domino server, etc. Once you have gone through this
initial setup, you will be able to run multiple instances of Lotus Notes,
either version, on the same desktop.

Great for companies who have multiple users sharing the same workstation, or
manufacturing plants.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


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