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Multiple Views From Multiple Databases On One Page

I wanted to show an html page on our secure extranet site of all changed
documents in the last week. The documents reside in a number of different

I made a view in each of the source databases of documents changed in the last
seven days using @adjust.

I Created a computed for display text field, allowing multi-values, for each
database using @DbColumn on each view.

In the code below, column 4 of "YourView" contains an @Text(@DocumentUniqueID)
so that we can get an html link to the document.

I imagine it's not a particularly efficient use of the server, but it works!

"&LTa href=http://" + HTTP_Host +"/YourDatabase.nsf/YourView/" +
@DbColumn("":"No Cache";"YourDatabase.nsf";"YourView";4) +
"?OpenDocument>" +
@DbColumn("":"No Cache";"YourDatabase";"YourView";2) +
" - " +
@DbColumn("":"No Cache";"YourDatabase";"YourView";3) +

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