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Multiple Web Sites On A Single Ip Address

R5 (I'm not sure if R4 allows the same thing) provides a mechanism for you to
host multiple web sites for different DNS domains on a single server under a
single IP address.

Although this is standard, supported stuff, the Domino documentation is pretty
Lotus' suggested method in the documentation is to use a separate IP address
for each site, and then multihome the server. In reality this is often
impractical as address space is usually limited and some platform have limits
on the number of IP addresses supported on each network interface, so the
method below offers an alternative using only a single IP address. It isn't
really documented anywhere. The Admin manual give some hints, but doesn't point
out how to actually do it. The secret is in using a different hostname for each
virtual server.

Put your site on the server.
Whether the site is all in a single Notes database, or is a collection of Notes
databases and HTML files, I'd suggest putting the whole lot into a single
dedicated subdirectory on the server under the Domino data directory. It makes
for easier management and administration.
From Domino administrator.

On the configuration/server/current server page, click the Web button and
create a virtual server document.

Enter the Domino web server's IP address, say

Enter the hostname exactly as the site visitor would have typed it into their
browser i.e. This is essential, as if this is not entered or
is entered incorrectly, they will get the server's default homepage. Note: you
will probably want to create at least two virtual server documents for each
site hosted. One for and one for If there is a
possibility that visitors will get to the default site by accident, I'd suggest
you make it a database or HTML page with links back to the various websites
hosted on your server.

If the entry point to the server is a HTML page, enter it's name in the default
home page field and ensure you clear the Home URL field on the mapping tab. Do
not enter any path to the HTML file, just its name.

On the mapping tab, enter the full relative path to the site's entry NSF file
if using one. For instance, suppose your site is entered by a NSF file called
website.nsf that you have put in the folder Transition\Web, under the Domino
data directory, you would enter: Transition\Web\website.nsf/?Open
in this field. Remember to clear it if your site is entered by a HTML page.

Modify any paths in the next few fields as necessary. Chances are, the only one
to change will be the HTML directory.

Restart the Domino HTTP server task

Create a DNS entries on your DNS server that point to your new virtual
server(s). Remember that it can take 48 hours or more for DNS changes to

You should now be able to access your new website transparently to any others
hosted on the same box and at the same address.

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