Need Address Book Lookup For The Web

I use the undocumented command:
@DbCommand(Type;Command; TargetNAB; fieldname; max#; SearchString);
this command is used in the lotus web mail client. The command
LoadAddressListByName allows for you to enter a string such as "A" to go to the
first name that matches or LoadAddressListByIndex to pull by number in view.
Type - database to access, "Domino"
command - either "LoadAddressListByName" or "LoadAddressListByIndex"
TargetNAB -local address book on server "names.nsf"
Fieldname - fieldname in quotes of the field that will hold the address
selection list
max# - maximum entries to show in the list
search string / Index - If you use the "LoadAddressListByName" command then
the string placed here will cause the fuction to return the max entries
starting with the first match. other wise it's the starting index in the
address book. great for paging through.

The value returned will be an html selection list.
The action to get the selected name uses the following command:
FIELD tmpSendto :=@Name([Abbreviate];tmpAddressList)
This will return the abbreviated name if a notes user or the internet mail
address for all others
the command will return all the persons and groups that are mail enabled from
the n&a
tmpAddressList is computed text field just used as a place holder.

FIELD tmpSendTo :=@Name([Abbreviate];tmpAddressList);

@If(tmpSearchString = "";
@SetField(tmpCurIndex; @DbCommand("Domino"; "LoadAddressListByIndex";
TargetNAB; "tmpAddressList"; "200"; tmpCurIndex));
@SetField(tmpCurIndex; @DbCommand("Domino"; "LoadAddressListByName";
TargetNAB; "tmpAddressList"; "200"; tmpSearchString)));
FIELD tmpNextIndex := @Text( @TextToNumber(tmpCurIndex) +200 );

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