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Need To See Who Has Profile Documents And What They Contain?

As profile documents do not appear in views, it can be difficult to find out
whether a user has a profile, or what settings or field values users have
stored in their profiles. This agent creates a summary document of all user
profiles, based on the database ACL. It will drill through 9 levels of nested
groups, which should be more that enough when you consider that Lotus recommend
6 at most.

As the process of checking a profile creates a profile, documents newly created
are removed.

If you want to use the code, copy from the first "Dim" statement to the
"*****************************************" line into the (Declarations)
section of a new Script Library called "Process People from ACL", and put the
rest into an agent.
Script Library Name: "Process People from ACL"

Dim S As NotesSession ' Contains the Database
Dim DB As NotesDatabase ' Current Database
Dim NAB As NotesDatabase ' Name & Address Book
Dim ACL As NotesACL ' Current DB ACL
Dim ACLEntry As NotesACLEntry ' For each ACL Entry
Dim Doc As NotesDocument ' All Profile data is written
to this document
Dim Profile As NotesDocument ' Profile document
Dim NABDoc As NotesDocument ' Either a Group, server or
person document
Dim View As NotesView ' ($Users) View in NAB
Dim ProfileUserName() As String ' Array to store the name
of the profile owners
Dim ProfileDeputy() As String ' Array to store profile
owner's deputy
Dim ProfileExt() As String ' Array to store
profile owner's phone ext.
Dim GroupMembers As Variant ' }
Dim L1GroupMembers As Variant ' }
Dim L2GroupMembers As Variant ' }
Dim L3GroupMembers As Variant ' }
Dim L4GroupMembers As Variant ' } Arrays to store the value
of the Members field from group documents in NAB
Dim L5GroupMembers As Variant ' }
Dim L6GroupMembers As Variant ' }
Dim L7GroupMembers As Variant ' }
Dim L8GroupMembers As Variant ' }

Function ProcessPerson(DB As Notesdatabase, ProfileDetails As NotesDocument,
ProfileName As Variant)
' Declare and get/create the profile document
Dim Profile As NotesDocument
Set Profile = DB.GetProfileDocument("Profile", ProfileName)
' Check to see if it a new or existing Profile.
' If it has just been created, it will not have the PhoneExt field so we
can ignore it
If Profile.HasItem("PhoneExt") Then
' Check to see if the profile owner has already been added to the
list. The user may appear in many groups
Forall p In ProfileUserName
If Profile.Name(0) = p Then Exit Function
End Forall
' Get the current blank position within the array
x = (Ubound(ProfileUserName))
' Write the values from the Profile document
ProfileUserName(x) =
ProfileDeputy(x) = Profile.Deputies(0)
ProfileExt(x) = Profile.PhoneExt(0)
' Redim the arrays prior to next addition
Redim Preserve ProfileUserName(x + 1)
Redim Preserve ProfileDeputy(x + 1)
Redim Preserve ProfileExt(x + 1)
' If the profile is a new document, we do not need to keep it
Call Profile.Remove(True)
End If
End Function

Function ProcessGroup(View As NotesView, GroupMembers As Variant)
' Dimension the Level 0 document. Used to contain the document returned
by each lookup to the NAB
Dim L0PABDoc As NotesDocument
' GroupMembers could be Person names or Group names. The View contains
' Need to step through each, check to see if it is a Person doc and
process accordingly
Forall M In GroupMembers
' Get the document from the ($Users) view in NAB
Set L0PABDoc = View.GetDocumentByKey(M, True)
' Check to see that a document has been returned
If Not L0PABDoc Is Nothing Then
' Check the document Type. Either "Group" or "Person"
If L0PABDoc.Type(0) = "Group" Then
' Get the value of the "Members" field and pass it as an
arguement to next level down and repeat the process
L1GroupMembers = L0PABDoc.GetItemValue("Members")
Call ProcessL1Group(View, L1GroupMembers)
' Pass details to the "ProcessPerson" function
Call ProcessPerson(DB, Doc, L0PABDoc.FullName(0))
End If
End If
End Forall

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