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Notes Doclinks In Outlook Mails Or On The Web?

You can have Notes DocLinks in other programs, e.g. inserted in a Outlook mail
or on a WEB page.

Instead of a normal DocLink you can create a NDL (Notes Document Link) file and
attach this to the mail or WEB page. When the user launches the NDL file then
Notes is started and the requested Notes Document opened.

NDL file format exampel (standard text file with the extension .NDL):
&LTREPLICA 41256707:00423F6B>
&LTVIEW OF3674FC15:DEF495A2-ON41256700:0074C164>
&LTNOTE OF67038C0C:ADADFAA2-ON412567CA:0053D736>
&LTREM>Database 'DatabaseTitle', View 'ViewName', Document 'DocTitle'</REM>

This is a two Sub code:
- Function CreateNDL( doc )
- Sub SaveNDL( filename, ndl )

The CreateNDL function creates an array with the NDL file lines in it -
refering to Doc.
The SaveNDL sub saves the NDL file on the disk - them you can attach the file
manualy or with script.

Exampel program:
call saveNDL( "c:\link.ndl", CreateNFL( doc ))

Function CreateNDL( doc As NotesDocument ) As Variant
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim NDL() As String
Set db = doc.ParentDatabase

Redim NDL( 10 )
NDL( 0 ) = "&LTNDL>"
NDL( 1 ) = "&LTREPLICA " & Left$( db.ReplicaID,8 ) & ":" & Right$(
db.ReplicaID, 8 ) & ">"
NDL( 2 ) = "&LTNOTE " & "OF" & Mid$( doc.UniversalID,1,8 ) & ":" & Mid$(
doc.UniversalID,9,8 ) & "-ON" & Mid$( doc.UniversalID,17,8 ) & ":" & Mid$(
doc.UniversalID,25,8 ) & ">"
NDL( 3 ) = "&LTHINT>" & db.Server & "</HINT>"
NDL( 4 ) = "</NDL>"

CreateNDL = NDL
End Function

Sub saveNDL( filename As String, NDL As Variant )
Dim NDLFile As Integer
NDLFile = Freefile

Open filename For Output As NDLFile
For i = 0 To Ubound( NDL )
Print #NDLFile, NDL( i )
End Sub

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