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Notes URL tricks

People often overlooked capabilities of so-named Notes URLs.

People often overlooked capabilities of so-named Notes URLs.

Notes URL is string in form
Notes://KEN/12345678123456781234567812345678/12345678123456781234567812345678, where KEN is server name (Notes server name is KEN/orgname). Notes URL can point to a document, a view or any other appropriate design element such as folder, page, etc in a database. Its replica ID identifies the database and the first 32 characters hex number in Notes URL. The design element is identified by its UNID and second 32 characters hex number.

Here come some tricks with those URLs:

1. As you know, there is new Welcome Page concept introduced in R5. You can put Inbox, Calendar and a Web page into the Welcome Page that you see right after Notes starts. Standard design is not intended to have another folder at your Welcome Page other than Inbox. But now you know the way to specify other folders: just select "Web page" in frame contents and type in Notes URL (instead HTTP URL) that point to any folder you want.

I use it in my Welcome Page. It includes a special view that contains error messages from all of my servers and English lessons that I receive by email every week. Therefore, I always have all necessary info right before my eyes.

2. There is a very simple way to learn Notes URL for a current document. Just press Ctrl-L then click on button on the right side of Input box (button that shows URL history), then click it again. You'll see Notes URL for a current document in the URL Input box. Just pick it in the clipboard and paste it where you need. Use it instead of any HTTP URL in Notes.

3. Another good thing about Notes URLs - they don't get corrupted when you send it through SMTP.

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