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Open File Dialog in Script

Declare Function NEMGetFile Lib "nnotesws" ( wUnk As Integer, Byval szFileName
As String, Byval szFilter As String, Byval szTitle As String ) As Integer
'use nnotesws for Win95 and WinNT, inotesws for OS/2, and _nem for Win16

Sub Click(Source As Button)
Dim szFileName As String*256
Dim szTitle As String
Dim szFilter As String
Dim session As New NotesSession
'Needs to be a NULL before calling the function
szFilename = Chr(0)
szTitle = session.Commonusername & ", select your database NOW"
szFilter = "MS Word Documents|*.doc|Notes Databases|*.NSF|Notes
Templates|*.NTF|Programs|*.EXE|All Files|*.*|" 'Use this format for ANY file type
If NEMGetFile( 0, szFileName, szFilter, szTitle) <> 0 Then
' We need to do this because the return is a NULL terminated string.
szFileName = szFileName & |"|
Messagebox szFileName, 64, "File Selected"
End If
End Sub

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