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Options for changing passwords

This tip offers developers two options for users changing their passwords -- a change password form or a user redirect.

A client of ours required a change Internet password feature on the Portal so that users can change their passwords whenever they want. So I made a change password form where the user can enter his old and new password and wrote an agent which checks the current logged in user and changes "HTTPPassword" field in the users document of names.nsf with the new password on webquerysave of the form.

This option, the code for which is below, works fine. But later I got another simpler way to do the same thing -- you can just redirect the user to "http://servername:port/names.nsf?changepassword" and use the default Notes feature to change the password. By using custom login forms and domcfg.nsf, you will be able to change the look and feel of the form as well.

Web Query Save:

Sub Initialize

 On Error Goto hell
 Dim session As New NotesSession
 Dim Empdoc As NotesDocument
 Dim namesdb As New NotesDatabase
 Dim namesview As NotesView
 Dim Empname As New NotesName
 Dim doc As NotesDocument
 Set db =session.CurrentDatabase
 Set doc=session.DocumentContext
 Set namesview=namesdb.
 If Not namesview Is Nothing Then
  Set EmpDoc=namesview.
  If Not empdoc Is Nothing Then
   Call empdoc.ComputeWithForm(True,True)
  End If
 End If
 Exit Sub
hell: Print Error() & "..............." & Erl()
 Exit Sub
End Sub

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