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Pad Text To String

This function is good to use when creating records with a fixed with.
In banking I've used it when creating transaction files where the record has a
fixed length and all fields has to be either numeric or alfanueric and padded
with zeros or spaces to fill.
This function takes a teststring (textToPad) and adds characters before or
Function padText(textToPad As String, newLen As Integer, padWith As String,
psFix As String) As String

'String; text to be "padded"

'Integer; Length of the new String (total length)

'String; What to fill With

'String; determines whether to Add it as prefix or suffix to the String

Dim orglen As Integer
Dim tmpString As String
Dim tmpPad As String

orglen = Len(textToPad)
' returns If the new length is the same as the old length

If orglen = newLen Then
padText = textToPad
Exit Function
End If
If orglen > newLen Then
' New length cannot be less than the original length

Msgbox "Error textToPad: Instring " + textToPad + " length " +
Cstr(orgLen) +_
" is less than new length " + Cstr(newLen)
End If

tmpPad = String$(newLen - orgLen, padWith)
If psFix = "P" Then
tmpString = tmpPad + textToPad
Elseif psFix = "S" Then
tmpString = textToPad + tmpPad
Msgbox "textToPad contains wrong arguments"
End If
If Len(tmpString) <> newLen Then
Msgbox "Error textToPad: New padded string " + tmpString +_
" is larger than the original string " + textToPad
End If

padText = tmpString
End Function

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