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Parse query from URL

This tip describes how to parse a query string from the URL in a form using a CGI server variable.

Sometimes you need to parse a query string from the URL right in the form. One solution is to use a CGI server variable.

  1. Create a new computed when composed text field called query_string containing itself -- query_string. It causes a Web server to input content of the CGI Web server query_string variable (everything beyond the ? in the URL).
  2. Then create a new computed for display only multi-value text field called "parameters," for instance. This field should contain the following @Formula:
    (query_string; "&"); "&")
    This separates all name=value type sequences into multi-value ones and omits the URL commands beyond the ?.
  3. Then create two new computed for display multi-value text fields called "ParamNames" and "ParamValues," for instance, and containing the following @Formulas:
    @Word(Parameters; "="; 1) 
    @Word(Parameters; "="; 2)
    There are split values from names.
  4. Then it's possible to search for a particular name in ParamNames using:
     ParamNames); @Subset(@Subset
    (ParamValues; @Member
    ("Required_Name"; ParamNames)); -1); 
    "Not present")
Function will return then the appropriate value or "Not present" (or anything else if you change it), if "key" name is not present in the URL. You can upgrade functionality by converting names to upper- or lowercase to avoid name variations. None of those fields, except query_string, will be saved, but this could be handled in web_query_save agent then.

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