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Passing Parameters From Javascript To A Lotusscript Agent

In javascript you can call lotusscript agents using domino urls.

Say you have an agent named my_agent. You can call this agent and pass
parameters to it in javascript using the following code:

//setup the url path
var path = new String(window.location);
path = path.toLowerCase();
path = path.substring(0, path.lastIndexOf(".nsf") + 5);

var myAgent = new String(path + "my_agent?OpenAgent");

// now that the url for the agent has been built
// you can add parameters to the end of the url
// in this example I will use a name and email as
// parameters

myAgent = myAgent + "&";

Now you can access these parameters in your lotus script agent using the
QUERY_STRING cgi variable.

dim session as NotesSession
dim doc as NotesDocument
dim query_string as String

set session = new NotesSession
set doc = session.DocumentContext
query_string = doc.QUERY_STRING(0)

The query_string variable should now equal

Now you can parse this string to get the parameters.

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