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Preferences= Settings

This is a listing of the bit settings for PREFERENCES= line in the NOTES.INI.
This line governs settings such as "scan unread", "empty trash", etc. The
number is simply derived by doing an "AND" operation on the values of the
individual settings. If you convert the number from the INI into Binary, you
can see the bit positions.

This listing is expanded from data I picked up on the web - it originated from
James Buzek at Procter & Gamble.

The list shows the bit position (from the right) and the value.
0 &LT0> = Keep workspace in back when maximized (Enabled=1)
1 &LT2> = Scan for unread
2 &LT4> = &LTUnknown?>
3 &LT8> = Large fonts
4 &LT16> = &LTUnknown?>
5 &LT32> = Make Internet URLs (http//:) into hotspots
6 &LT64> = &LTUnknown?>
7 &LT128> = Typewriter fonts only
8 &LT256> = Monochrome display
9 &LT512> = Scandinavian collation
10 &LT1024> = &LTUnknown?>
11 &LT2048> = &LTsee 28>
12 &LT4096> = Sign sent mail (Enabled(1))
13 &LT8192> = Encrypt sent mail
14 &LT16384> = Metric(1)/Imperial(0) measurements
15 &LT32768> = Numbers last collation
16 &LT65536> = French casing
17 &LT131072> = empty trash folder (prompt during db close=0/always during db
close=1&LTplus "EmptyTrash=1" in INI>/manual=1&LTplus "EmptyTrash=2" in INI>
18 &LT262144> = Check for new mail every x minutes (Enabled=0)
19 &LT524288> = Enable local background indexing
20 &LT1048576> = Encrypt saved mail
21 &LT2097152> = &LTUnknown?>
22 &LT4194304> = &LTUnknown?>
23 &LT8388608> = Right double-click closes window
24 &LT16777216> = Prompt for location
25 &LT33554432> = &LTUnknown?>
26 &LT67108864> = Mark documents read when opened in the preview pane
27 &LT134217728> = Enable local scheduled agents
28 &LT268435456> = Save sent mail (Always prompt=10/Don't keep a copy=00/Always
keep a copy=01)
29 &LT536870912> = &LTsee 30>
30 &LT1073741824> = New mail notification (None=10/Audible=00/Visible=01)
31 &LT2147483648> = &LTUnknown? - there is no 31 in 4.6x...>

Other User Preferences INI entries:
Make Notes default browser - DefaultBrowser=1
Dither Images - DisableImageDithering=0
Enable Plugins - EnablePlugins=1
Enable Java Applets - EnableJavaApplets=1
Keep all windows within Notes main window (MDI) - SDI_WINDOW=0
Alternate editor (Word) - $AltEditorProgID=Word.Document
Alternate editor (WordPro) - $AltEditorProgID=WordPro.Document
Start of the week - WeekStart=1 (Sunday), WeekStart=2 (Monday), etc.
Encrypt and sign all sent mail - SecureMail=1

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