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Prevent printing, forwarding, copying - oh yeah?

Have you ever received a memo from someone that has that nagging feature of "Prevent copying" enabled on it?

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Have you ever received a memo from someone that has that nagging feature of "Prevent copying" enabled on it? You may want to print it, forward it on, copy it into a MS Word or other test editor document for save keeping but you can't. The nerve of some people. Anyway, here is how you can get around it. First a history.

As noted in the Notes R4.x on-line Help, the "Prevent copying" feature is only a deterrent. It is not a security feature. There are other ways in which recipients can copy (or forward or print) a message.

The confidentiality for this feature is maintained via a field, $KeepPrivate. In documents for which this feature is enabled, the $KeepPrivate field has a value of 1. If a recipient has the ability to create and run an agent to strip this field, or to set its value to 0, the recipient will be able to print, forward, or copy the document to the clipboard.

In addition, in Notes 4.x, it is possible to access and copy data from these documents via the Document Properties InfoBox. This, however, was fixed in Notes 5.x. Specifically, in Notes 5.x releases, it is not possible to copy the field contents or even scroll through field values in Document Properties when the "Prevent copying" feature is enabled. So, you "must" write an agent to get around this feature.

The agent is simple . Go into the design of you mail file. Create a new agent and name it something like "Delete Memo Protection". Set it to run "Manually from actions menu" and run on "Selected documents". In the code window put the code that you see below.

Now, when you receive an email with that selected you will select the memo, go to the actions menu and select "Delete Memo Protection" and you will be able to Print, Copy, or Forward that message to your hearts content.

FIELD $KeepPrivate := @DeleteField


Does this also works for Lotus Notes 6.5 As I am not a "real" IT specialist, for some reason this does not work. Could someone describe it more precisely?

—Beursgoeroe L.

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