Preventing double booking in the Resource Reservation Database

Preventing double booking in the Resource Reservation Database

To prevent this, you can set the agent to run every minute, via some NOTES.INI settings. Put the following entries in the NOTES.INI of the server that houses the RRD:


You will have to recycle the Domino Service to see the new intervals.

Remember that in R5, the router actually handles the request, so the invitation and acceptance/decline is sent immediately upon arrival to the RRD. The only caveat is that every server and client in your organization must be running R5 to take advantage of the new RRD design. The new design is not compatible with R4.x clients.
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In the 4.5 version of the Resource Reservation database (RRD), the default for the agent that reserves rooms is set to 30 minutes. In that interval, any number of people may try to reserve the same item, and it will appear to be available. Once the agent runs, several people will receive a decline message, and you will have unhappy customers.

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