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Print Out # Templates On A Server By Subdirectory

For design refresh purposes its convenient to use the .nsf format to save Notes
Templates. However, in a heavy development environment there may be too many
templates or duplicate names in a server directory, thereby complicating design
refresh. This script will allow you to quickly identify the culprits by
Just put this in a button.

Sub Click(Source As Button)
This script returns the title of each template on a server. All results are
stored in a Word 97 file (My Documents\TemplateList.doc). 'Error' results are
also stored in a Word 97 file called
(My Documents\TemplateListError.doc). Both Word 97 files are sent to the
user's default printer, and are made visible to the user at the end of the

Author: David E Bradshaw
Last Edit: 5/13/99

Messagebox "This script will return all templates housed on a particular
Server, by desired subdirectory. The results will be sent to a Word 97 file"&_
" called 'C:\My Documents\TemplateList.doc', while any 'ERROR' results
will be sent to a Word 97 file called 'C:\My Documents\TemplateListError.doc'.
" &_
"Please go to these files to view results.", 64, "Template Search Results"

On Error Goto ExecuteFail

Dim s As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim directory As NotesDbDirectory
Dim servername$
Dim templatename$
Dim desPath$
Dim corrPath$
Dim adjPath$
Dim pathCnt%

Set directory = s.GetDbDirectory(Ucase(Inputbox("Please Enter Server
Name. Leave blank for Local.")))
desPath$ =Ucase(Inputbox("Please Enter Desired Directory (eg
pathCnt% = Len(desPath$)

'check for an available file number to use. If none exists then assign
the next available one for use in
' creating/opening the desired filename. If a number is already in use
then, close it.

If Not fileNum%>0 Then
fileNum% = Freefile()
Close filenum%
End If
Open "c:\My Documents\TemplateList.doc" For Output As fileNum%

Set db = directory.GetFirstDatabase( DATABASE ) 'only look for the '.nsf'
x=0 'initialize counter
y=0 'initialize count for dbs in desired path
Print #fileNum%,("TEMPLATES HOUSED ON SERVER " & servername$ & " -
DIRECTORY: "&desPath$&Chr(13))
Print #fileNum%,("Templates by Number per below: "&Chr(13))
Print #fileNum%,(Chr(13))
Do While Not (db Is Nothing )

templatename$= db.TemplateName ' will only respond if the .nsf is in
fact a template
corrPath$ =Ucase(db.FilePath) ' get the full file path of the database
adjPath$ = Ucase(Left(corrPath$,pathCnt%)) ' adjust the path to the
# of characters entered in desired subdirectory for comparison
' If Left$(templatename$,3) ="NTF" And (desPath$=adjPath$) Then 'look
only for those templates beginning with "NTF" and located in desired
If (desPath$=adjPath$) Then 'look only for those templates located
in desired subdirectory
'Loop through the SERVER and record the name of the templates in the Word
97 file

If db.IsOpen Then
Print #fileNum%,("# " & y & " - "&templatename$ &" - "
&db.FilePath &Chr (13))
Call db.Open("","")
Print #fileNum%,("# " & y & " - "&templatename$ &" - "
&db.FilePath &Chr (13))

End If
End If

x=x+1 'keep a running count of the templates found.
Set db = directory.GetNextDatabase

Print #filenum%,(Chr(13))
Print #fileNum%,("There were " & y & " templates found in " &servername$ &
"\" & desPath )
Print #fileNum%,("There were a total of " & x & " templates found on
server " & servername$ )
Close fileNum% 'close the file number
Close fileNum2% 'close the file number after all error results have been
written to the Word 97 error results

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