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Printing With Ms Word Using Ole Functionality

In a customer/sales tracking database we needed functionality to print out
letters using predefined word templates.

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'Defining variables
Dim myApp As Variant
Dim tmp as string

'Starting ms word as a ole object
Set myApp = CreateObject("Word.Application")

'Hiding word from the user
myApp.Visible = False

'Opening the template as a new doc, change tmp$ to the needed template path
myApp.Documents.Add (tmp$)

'Selecting what bookmark to write to

'Define what you need to write in tmp$
'Then write it to the bookmark

'Setting word to print in the foreground, i do this to prevent the rest of the
code to execute before word is finished
myApp.Options.PrintBackground = False

'Starting printing

'Closing the word document without saving changes

'Closing word

'Releasing myapp
Set myApp = Nothing

Finished. We use this together with templates that uses sub forms that need
inputs from the user before launching the document. Please feel free to contact
us for any further information on this isue.

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