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Printing a list of LotusScript error codes

I created my own LotusScript agent to generate this list.

I looked high and low for a LotusScript error code reference list so that I had all the LotusScript error numbers and related messages in the same place, but couldn't find any such thing. So, I created my own LotusScript agent to generate this list. This code goes into any regular LotusScript web agent and when run from the browser, prints out the desired list. If the error code is not associated with any internally defined LotusScript error, the Error function just returns "User-defined error" so I wrote a mitigating condition that excludes these codes.

Sub Initialize
     Dim i As Long
     On Error Goto ErrorHandler
     For i = 1 To 32766
          Error i
     Exit Sub
     If Error$ <> "User-defined error" Then
          Print Err & " - " & Error$ & "<br>"
     End If
     Resume Next
End Sub

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