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Private views - how to get them

How to take care of private views.

Indexing problems on your NAB? Assuming you are running Domino in a large company with a large address book, every view costs server performance. The less views you have, the less trouble you have with the indexer task on the servers. As an administrator, you can decide which additional views you want to have in your domain address book (I surely do not recommend to create them but sometimes you just have to). However, what about private views that user's might have created? If they are stored in the database, they use up space in your directory as well as they waste server performance. Since they are private, how can you get them and remove them in the end?

It is not the same as with private agents but you can do it. Get to your server log and open the view "DatabaseSizes." Pick your NAB. Now you can see how much space each view takes up. Special attention on the views in square brackets. These are the private views. Now that you know that they are there and what their names are, how can you get rid of them? Nobody else except the creator can use or delete them.

Use NotesPeek, available from And here's the most important part of this tip: Create a file-level copy of the database/NAB and access in locally with NotesPeek. You get much more information about your database than you have ever thought of. In addition, you can find out who last updated those private views. That is the creator of that private view.

Now you might go and walk to that clever user and have him to delete his private views again. The user has already left the company? All you need then is an ID that has the exact name of the view-creator. Use it to delete the view.

After you have tidied up your address book (or any other databases your cleaned from private views), it is time to check and close down the ACL. Properly set, your users are still able to create private views as they like but they will be stored in the user's desktop.dsk and not in your database. "Create personal folders/views" and "Create shared folders/views" should be both disabled for the users. Therefore, if you allow your users to have author access, "Create documents" and "Delete documents" should be the most that you give them. Untick all the other limitations. Also, if your users only have reader access, uncheck all the limitations.

Now you are safe from users creating new private views in your nab/database.

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