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Programmatically replace the design of Lotus Notes databases

Trying to programmatically replace the design of several Lotus Notes databases, but can't find an out-of-the box solution? This LotusScript code can help.

Lotus Notes Domino lacks the out-of-the-box capabilities needed to perform certain functions, such as dynamically updating rich-text fields from the back-end without closing a document. This lack of functionality can send administrators on a quest for an easier solution.

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A similar situation arises when trying to programmatically replace the design of a Lotus Notes database. IBM doesn't provide a LotusScript method or C-API function to accomplish this task. In fact, the only way to replace a database design is by manually choosing File -> Database -> Design Replace for each specific database. However, this manual method doesn't make much sense when replacing the design of several databases.

The following LotusScript code can be used to replace the design of multiple databases. The script actually deletes all design notes from the target database and copies them from the source database.

LotusScript to programmatically replace the design of a database
(Click on code for enlarged view and script download.)

Note: The author would like to thank Mr. Ramesh Chand Beniwal and Ms. Neha Agarwal for their help in developing this LotusScript code.

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