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R5 Admin Error - Database List Is Full

Once in awhile you may see an error on a server when using the R5 Admin client
and the "Files" tab. What happens is that the file count becomes to large - in
5.02b it is about 25,000 files, in 5.03 the number is closer to 50,000.
"But I don't have that many databases on this server!" you say to yourself.
And you are right - Notes is counting Full Text Index (FTI) files.
What has happened is that one or more of your FTI files have become corrupt.
What is interesting is that the FTI still works fine from the user perspective,
and probably does not even log any errors. However, the FTI has grown to
mamoth sizes - I have seen up to 8 Gb worth of FTI data.
How do you find the culprit? In my environment we run NT 4.0 servers, so I log
into the Notes data drive from my machine and use Explorer to count files
within all "*.ft" folders.
A normal FTI will have somewhere between 12 and 100 files in it. 36 is a nice
number that seems to repeat itself in a lot of FTI folders. However, the
corrupt FT folder will have thousands of files, I have seen 44,000 in one
The Notes client may or may not allow you to delete and rebuild the FTI from
the desktop. Deleting the .ft folder will usually work, but sometimes doing so
will leave some files behind locked by Notes, and you will not be able to
re-build the FTI without restarting the Notes Server.
So, your best bet is to try to delete via the client, and if that does not work
then wait until you can bring down the server and delete the folder. Either
way you will then be able to re-build the FTI and go on your merry way.
Just beware - there may be more than one corrupt FTI on the same server - we
have had two such occurances here and have found multiple corrupt FTI's on each
Hope this helps...

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