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Rebuilding your bookmarks to match your desktop

I am a Lotus Notes/Domino administrator and if you are like me, you have been working with Notes for a while. You sort of like the concept of Bookmarks but you still just cannot get used to using them. So instead, you work with the old (but not forgotten) Workspace.

You keep adding new tabs to your Workspace. You notice that your new tabs do not show as folders in the Bookmarks nor can you bookmark a database to one of these new tabs. You have to choose a folder that you don't want to in order to bookmark your database!

To have your current Workspace and Bookmarks match up do the following:

* Before you do this, be sure to back up your current Desktop.dsk and Bookmark.nsf files!!!

1. Delete the Bookmark.nsf file
2. Delete the Desktop.dsk file
3. Rename Desktop5.dsk to desktop.dsk

When you re-open Notes, your current workspace will be migrated over to the bookmarks section and both will be in sync!

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