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Redirect Web users to any content with one page

Cut roll out costs for web shortcuts by using Javascript to redirect the web user using input from the browser location

Cut roll out costs for Web shortcuts by using Javascript in a page to redirect the Web user using input from the browser location. The code below is an edited version of what we use on our own Website. We have to set up redirection URLs to be used in marketing. These shortcuts bring the user to a specific page regarding a special promotion or new product information.

Using the URL:*

Opens the Web page 'MaySpecial' in the Main Frameset. If you leave out the pagename or just open the frameset, the homepage comes up as the default.

*Use the Page with the code below in the data area of the frameset you create.
In HTML Head Content:
"<script language="Javascript"> function Redirection(){ var
baseurl=""; var
qs=top.location.href; var breakhere=qs.indexOf("&query=")+7; var
addurl=qs.substring(breakhere, qs.length); if ((breakhere<=7)||
(breakhere==qs.length)){addurl="HomePage+2002"}; var resurl=baseurl+addurl;
var t="_self";window.location.replace(resurl); }</script>" In Onload: Redirection();

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