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Reduce Domino For As/400 Resource Bottlenecks

Setting up domino on an AS/400 which is also used for traditional green screen
applications can hit your response levels. Here's how to tweak it...
So, you've loaded and started to run your Domino Server for the AS/400.
Suddenly, your traditional green-screen users start complaining about the poor
response they are getting from the AS/400 box. Here's how to redress the

The Server, Agent Manager etc. jobs that you see on the show tasks display are
all jobs on the AS/400. All jobs that are in progress on the box are assigned
a Run Priority. This determines which jobs get the first look-in on any system
resources that are available.

Typically, Interactive jobs (ie transaction based jobs for the users) run at a
priority of 20 (on a scale from 1 to 99) and batch jobs (background jobs and
reports etc) run at a priority of 50.

By default, a new Domino server running on the AS/400 will have all jobs set to
run at a priority of 20.

A small tweak will be required to permanently change your server jobs so that
they eat up less of the available resources. Once this has been done, you will
need to end and restart your domino server.

1. Find out which AS/400 Subsystem your server runs under.
To do this work with your domino servers on an AS/400 screen as follows:



use option 9 (work server jobs) next to your server


The top job (outdented a bit) is the name of the subsystem.
It'll be called DOMINOxx, where xx is a number, probably 00 or 01.

2. On the command line at the bottom of the screen type the following command,
again changing xx to the number you found above:
CHGCLS CLS(QUSRNOTES/DOMINOxx) RUNPTY(99) where 99 should be changed to your
required priority.

3. End the server and start it again. Now, when you do an option 9, you'll see
the jobs are using less of the resources.

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