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Refresh Field Formulas From A View

Notes users who have been around since version 3 might recall that Notes used
to contain a handy command to recalculate the field formulas of documents
selected from a view. The effect is (roughly) the same as if you opened each
document in edit mode and then resaved it.

This is very handy as a way of implementing form changes in all existing
documents -- if you add a field and want to make sure every document contains
the new field, for instance.

Lotus removed this command from the menu because of widespread complaints that
it was causing trouble by giving users too much power to make changes to mass
numbers of documents at the same time, causing replication conflicts and other
administrative hassles.

However, though the command was removed from the menus, the undocumented
@Command corresponding to that menu item is still available for the Notes
savvy. You can add this ability to your Notes client by creating a smarticon
that executes the command.
(insert this code into a smarticon):


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