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Register New User, Userid, Mailfile through Lotus Script without Domino Administrator

This tip describes registering New User, Userid, Mailfile through Lotus Script without the Domino Administrator.

We can Register New user, and move User id to coressponding directory without using the Domino Administrator.

Dim reg As New NotesRegistration
reg.CreateMailDB = True
reg.CertifierIDFile = "c:lotusnotescert.ID" 'Path of the Cert id.
reg.Expiration = Today + 1095
reg.OrgUnit = "Test"
reg.UpdateAddressbook = True
reg.StoreIDInAddressbook = True or false

Call reg.RegisterNewUser( lastname$, idfile$, regserver$   [, firstname$ , middle$ , certpw$ [, location$ [, comment$ [, maildbpath$ , userpw$ )

'To get id file from the Server to your specified directory.

Dim reg As New NotesRegistration
Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Setdb = session.CurrentDatabase
reg.RegistrationServer = db.Server  ' if you didn't set this property you get error.
username$ = "Anitha/Test/Test2"
filepath$ = "" 'Where you want to store your file.
isserverid = True
Call reg.GetIDFromServer( username$, filepath$, isserverid))

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