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Remove Encryption from Mail

While converting users from North American to International licenses (which requires a new ID in 4.X), I discovered a problem -- users who had encrypted mail in their mail file could not read any of the encrypted documents using the new ID. This agent removes the encryption from the documents so the user can read all their old messages with the new ID.

First, create a view called "Encrypted" with the following view selection formula:

SELECT (Form = "Memo" | Form = "Reply") & Encrypt = "1"

View column formulas don't matter. I just used the columns from the Inbox.

Create an agent with the following code. Set it to run manually from Actions menu, on all documents in the database.

Sub Initialize
Dim session As New notessession
Dim database As notesdatabase
Dim view As notesview
Dim document As notesdocument

Set database = session.currentdatabase
Set view = database.getview("Encrypted")
Set document = view.getfirstdocument

While Not document Is Nothing
Call document.removeitem("$Seal")
Call document.removeitem("$SealData")
Call document.removeitem("Encrypt")

Call, False)

Set document = view.getfirstdocument
End Sub

You can then create the new ID and the user will have no problems.

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