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Remove User IDs from Domino Directory

Have you ever had the tedious task of removing all of the user IDs from the Domino Directory. I refused to go through the edit, detach, remove attachment, save cycle. Below is an agent that will detach all of the user IDs to a specified directory.

The ID files are based on the person document's short name or the server documents full name. The agent will check for possible duplicates and make a tie breaker.

The code is written for easy modification to traverse different views.

Code: Sub Initialize
  On Error Goto err_Detach
  Const DetachDir$ = "C:DPottsNotesIDs"  ' Note there is no "/" on the end
  Const GetFileNamesMacro$ = "@AttachmentNames" 'Declare a Notes macro
  Dim session As New NotesSession
  Dim view As NotesView
  Dim db As NotesDatabase
  Dim doc As NotesDocument
  Dim tDetachName As String  
  Dim There As String
  Dim aViews(1)
  Dim I As Integer
  Dim iPos As Integer  
  Dim nDup As Integer
  Dim fileInDocCount As Integer
  'Check if the DetachDir exists (if on network & permission problem, error code will catch it)
  There$ = Dir$(DetachDir$, 16)
  If There$ = "" Then
    Messagebox "The directory " + DetachDir$ + " does not exist. "  _ 
    +  "  Detach process terminated!", 16, "Invalid Directory"
    Exit Sub
  End If
  aViews(0) = "People"
  aViews(1) = "Servers"
  Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
  For i = 0 To 1
    Set view = db.GetView(aViews(i))
    Set doc = view.GetFirstDocument
    While Not (doc Is Nothing)
      Select Case doc.Form(0) ' Using arrays and case statement for easy modification of code
      Case "Person":
        tDetachName$ = doc.shortname(0)
      Case "Server":
        tDetachName$ = doc.ServerName(0)    
        ' Now de-canonicalize the name. If flat certifiers are used, no change will be made to the server name
        iPos% = Instr(1, tDetachName$,  "=") ' Look for the "CN=". Usually found at 3rd position or cononical server name
        If iPos% > 1 Then
          tDetachName$ = Mid$(tDetachName$, iPos + 1)
        End If
        iPos% = Instr(1, tDetachName$, "/") ' Looking for the OU and ORG, etc  info
        If iPos% > 1 Then
          tDetachName$ = Left$(tDetachName$, iPos - 1)
        End If
      End Select
      iPos = Len(tDetachName$) ' Get the length of the string for use later
      tDetachName$ = tDetachName$ + ".ID"
      ' See if the file is already there
      There$ = Dir$(DetachDir$ + "" + tDetachName$)
      nDup% = 0
      While There$ <> ""
        nDup = nDup + 1
        tDetachName$ = Mid$(tDetachName$, 1, iPos) _
        + Trim(Str(nDup)) + ".ID"
        There$ = Dir$(DetachDir$ + "" + tDetachName$)        
      Print "Detaching " + tDetachName$ + " to " + DetachDir$ + "....."
= Now detach the attachments   =
      If doc.HasEmbedded Then    
        attachNames = Evaluate(getFileNamesMacro$, doc) 'Get the name(s) of the files attached in the current document               
        fileInDocCount% = 0 'Set the document file counter to 0 for each document
                    ' Detach the attachments
        Forall Attachment In attachNames 'Process all the files within the current document
          On Error Goto NextObject
          Set object = doc.GetAttachment(attachNames(fileInDocCount%)) 'Must associate the file name with a Notes object to use the ExtractFile method below
          If Not (object Is Nothing) Then
            If object.Type = EMBED_ATTACHMENT Then
                        ' See if the file is already there
              There$ = Dir$(DetachDir$ + "" + tDetachName$)
              nDup% = 0
              While There$ <> "" ' I am assuming that a reasonable tie breaker will be found. Otherwise, nDup increment to a high #
                nDup = nDup + 1
                tDetachName$ = Mid$(tDetachName$, 1, iPos) _
                + Trim(Str(nDup)) + ".ID"
                There$ = Dir$(DetachDir$ + "" + tDetachName$)        
              Call object.ExtractFile(DetachDir$ + "" + tDetachName$) 'Extract the file to the selected directory 
              Call object.Remove
            End If  'object.Type = EMBED_ATTACHMENT
          End If 'Not (object Is Nothing) 
          On Error Goto err_Detach        
          fileInDocCount% = fileInDocCount% + 1 'Increment the count for the number of files within the current document 
        End Forall  'Attachments
      End If 'doc.HasEmbedded
      Call doc.Save(True, False) 'Save the document
      Set doc = view.GetNextDocument(doc) ' Get next document in the view
    Wend ' Not (doc Is Nothing)
  Next ' Next i - Get the next view name in the aViews array
  Print "All attachments have been removed."
  Exit Sub
  Messagebox "Error " + Str(Err) + " - " + Error$ + " occurred at line " _
  + Str(Erl()) + " while detaching " + tDetachFile$ + " to " + DetachDir$, 64, "Detach Error"
  Exit Sub
End Sub

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