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Remove Value From A Multi Value Item(Corrected Ver.)

My previous tip will not work.
A Review for: Extract Items in an Array
the Simpler way for (Extract Items in an Array) of Mr. Thejaswi Gurumurthy and
the Review of Mr. Jeff Cassens, It is better to name it Remove Value from a
multi value Item.
Sub RemoveValue(Item As Notesitem, ValueToRemove As Variant)
dim Arrayv ( ) as Variant
dim x%
x = 0
Forall v In Item.Values
If v <> ValueToRemove Then
Redim Preserve Arrayv (x)
Arrayv(x) = v
x = x +1
End If
End Forall
Item.Values = Arrayv
End Sub

Sirry Hboos

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