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Remove and Add Database Icons on Workspace with Program

I saw many postings in forums for code to remove database icons from the workspace. There is no way to completely remove the icons programmetically with out the user interaction, but I came up with the following code to do this. Only drawback to this code is it prompts user to confirm before removing each icon.

Button: Remove and Add database Icons

REM " To remove the first database Icon"
REM"Use AddDatabase, File opendatabase,WindowNext and closewindow to select the existing icon on workspace"
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; "Develop":"Dev\Testing\icontesting.nsf");
@PostedCommand([FileOpenDatabase]; "Develop":"Dev\Testing\icontesting.nsf");
@PostedCommand([WindowNext]) ;
REM" use file database Remove to remove the selected the icon. this will prompt user to confirm before removing the icon"
REM " To remove the second database Icon"
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; "Develop":"Dev\Testing\icontesting2.nsf");
@PostedCommand([FileOpenDatabase]; "Develop":"Dev\Testing\icontesting2.nsf");
REM " To add database Icons"
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; "Develop"::"Dev\Testing\icontesting.nsf");
@PostedCommand([AddDatabase]; "Develop":"Dev\Testing\icontesting2.nsf")

You can remove as many database icons you want from workspace by adding similar code as "To remove the second database icon" in above code

You can add as many database icons as you want by adding similar code as " To add database Icons" in the above code.

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