Removing Domino iSeries folders

This is a quick and easy way to remove a folder or server instance on an iSeries using QSH (Qshell) in a single command.

This is a quick and easy way to remove a folder or server instance on an iSeries using QSH (Qshell) in a single command.

  1. Start Qshell using STRQSH.

  2. Issue this command to remove the folder you want to remove:
    rm -R -f /folder name 

    Note: This starts at the root folders -- you can start at any point you want.

  3. After you are done, press F3 to exit Qshell.

That's it! You've removed the folder and all its contents in one hit! Nice trick, since the iSeries won't let you do this from the native command line.


This tip is not entirely true. You can do a recursive delete of a folder and all of its contents on the iSeries.

EDTF /notes/data/dominoservername

This puts the entire data directory into edit mode where you can do an Option 9 on a directory to remove it and all of its contents.

—Mike G.


If your intention is to just remove the Domino iSeries IFS directories but leave Domino screwed up, then the two tips are correct -- of course the second one is the better and faster one.

After trying one or the other you still will have to remove the objects specific to that Domino server from the QUSRNOTES library and from the /QIBM/ProdData/Lotus directory -- in case you know the entire details of the server.

If you don't know what I'm talking about then your best bet is to use this fast and secure approach:


It will do the entire job for you.

—Cesar M.


The intent of the command was not to delete an entire server -- mainly just full text indexes and folder sub trees under the data directory of the Domino server.

—Mike G.


I see that there's a bit of controversy about my tip! It will remove the folders that are left over from a Domino server instance after you have deleted it the proper way, or if you are trying to remove treed folder structures.

One thing I will point out is that this tip is version independent -- as long as you have QSH (QShell) on your iSeries or AS400 it will work. Yes, they've added the ability to do recursive deletes into the WRKLNK function of the IFS, but not at earlier releases of OS400. So this tip will work with pretty much any version of OS400 that supports QSH.

—David Scott, tip author

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