Removing the header detail from a memo

Removing the header detail from a memo
By Brian Mahoney, SearchDomino.com advisor

If you have ever distributed a production report from an agent, your clients may have asked that the mail header details be hidden so they don't clutter up the top of the report and don't print. An easy way to do this is to add a single field to the report memo. When the Notes client encounters the field $HideMailHeader with a value of "1", the mail header information is not displayed by the form.

Here is some sample code that uses the $HideMailHeader field. It also sets the view icon and principal fields so the user can distinguish generated reports in their inbox.

Sub CreateReportMemo (docReport As NotesDocument, strSubject As String, rti As NotesRichTextItem)
Dim item As NotesItem 
Print "Creating Report Memo"    'writes to server log 
Set item = docReport.ReplaceItemValue("SendTo", "Distribution Group") 
Set item = docReport.ReplaceItemValue("Subject", strSubject )     'Sets the subject to the value passed in. 
Set item = docReport.ReplaceItemValue("Principal", db.title  & " Daily 
Reports")      'Sets Principal name to title of db + Daily Reports 
Set item = docReport.ReplaceItemValue("_ViewIcon", 127)      'Set icon to 
Blue Envelope 
Set item = docReport.ReplaceItemValue("$HideMailHeader", "1")     'Prevent display of the mail header information when the memo is displayed 
Set rti = New NotesRichTextItem(docReport, "Body") 
Call rti.AppendText("Here is a place to add any report heading information") 
End Sub 

How to create a new line when typing in the formula window
By Jens Bruntt, SearchDomino.com advisor

As a developer, you sometimes run into this annoying situation: You press a Formula Window button, and you start writing your code. Then you press ENTER to create a new line, but Notes interprets this as an OK to close the Formula Window.

How to solve the problem? Try Pressing CTRL-ENTER instead of just ENTER.

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