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@Replacesubstring In Lotusscript

LotusScript function to emulate @ReplaceSubstring - Handy for web agents.
Function ReplaceSubstring( sourceStr As String, findStr As String, replaceStr
As String) As String

Dim replaceLen As Integer
Dim nextFound As Integer
Dim startPos As Integer

replaceLen = Len(replaceStr)
startPos = 1
nextFound = Instr( sourceStr, findStr)
If nextFound = 0 Then
'source string does not contain find string so nothing to do - return
source string as is
ReplaceSubstring = sourceStr
Exit Function
End If

While Not nextFound = 0
' Replace all occurrances of find string with replace string
ReplaceSubstring = ReplaceSubstring + Mid$( sourceStr, startPos,
nextFound-startPos) + replaceStr
startPos = nextFound + replaceLen
nextFound = Instr( startPos, sourceStr, findStr)
If startPos < Len( sourceStr) Then
' don't forget the stuff at the end of source string
ReplaceSubstring = ReplaceSubstring + Right$( sourceStr, Len(
sourceStr) - startPos + 1)
End If
End Function

Example Usage:

Print "[/" + ReplaceSubstring(db.FilePath, "\", "/") + "/LookupView/" +
doc.UniversalID + "?EditDocument]"

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