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Replicate Unread Marks From Client to Server

Multiple clients - Multiple replicas

This situation most likely will result in inconsistent unread mark lists. It is also fairly common. Stepping through the processes that are outlined above, it is clear that the structures and methods in place for maintaining unread marks are not sufficient for this situation. If two clients are exclusively accessing two separate replicas, neither the Unread Mark ID table nor the Unread Journal will be able to synchronize unread marks between the two replicas. Replication on its own does not synchronize unread marks either. Because the Unread Mark ID tables are user-specific and use Note IDs, it is not feasible to transfer all of these tables during replication.

To accommodate this type of situation, the Notes client implements an .INI parameter, REPLICATOR_SYNC_UNREAD. This parameter should equal the number of half-hours between Unread ID table synchronization. It is a client implementation only, and will not synchronize unread marks between servers unless a client is initiating the replication event. Even in this case, the only Unread ID tables that will be updated will be the ones specific to the user initiating replication. The intention of this parameter is to help synchronize the Unread ID tables between two replicas that are primarily used by different clients. An example of this would be an office replica that resides on a server and a remote replica that resides on a home machine or a laptop.

This parameter works by synchronizing the Unread ID tables of the two replicas after each replication event that comes after the minimum number of half-hours specified in the .INI file. For example, if the .INI file has REPLICATOR_SYNC_UNREAD=2, the replicator will synchronize the Unread ID tables once an hour. If replication occurs as a background process every fifteen minutes, synchronization will occur only every fourth replication event. If this parameter is set to -1, the replicator will synchronize the Unread ID tables after each replication event. For more information on this parameter, refer to the document titled, "Unread Marks Are Not Exchanged Replicating to a Server From Two Different Clients"


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