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Resetting Server Modems

Some modems tend to 'hang' after usage by dial-up users. In order to reset the
server's modems without physically turning the modems off and on, you can
create a server connection document that will reset the modem as often as you
There are two requirements for successfully resetting your modems: 1) A modem
file containing the hangup sequence and 2) a server connection document in your
primary public address book.

The modem file selected for that com port must contain the following line:

&LTthe last character is a zero>

You will need to create a server connection document for each modem to be
reset. The following fields are the critical ones.
Connection type: Dialup Modem
Source server: &LTyour server name>
Use the port(s): COM3 (or whatever your com port is)
Destination server: RESET COM3
Destination area code: &LTyour area code>
Destination phone number: &LTa bogus phone number - preferably an unused line in
your company>

Schedule: ENABLED
Call at times: 5:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Repeat interval of: 60 minutes
Days of week: Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat

The calling schedule is your choice. It will depend on how frequently the modem
hangs. This can sometimes be traced to a poor connection or a user's modem that
is not completely compatible with the modems on your server.

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