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Resource reservations over a WAN

This tip describes how to reserve resources over a WAN.

When Notes users from a remote site tried to make reservations in the Resource Reservations database on the server at my site, they would have a great deal of trouble because when they went to look up a free time for a resource, Notes would always return with the message "No information about the selected resource could be found." This would happen for most people, but not everybody all the time. I lived with the situation for months, instructing people to call the Help Desk if they received this error, and someone on site would make the reservation for them.

One day, I decided to try an experiment. I registered a new user named "Resource Scheduler - (servername)" with a mail file on the server at my site. Then I set up a location document for an actual user at the remote site that switches to the ID for the Resource Scheduler. The location document also specifies the home server and mail file for the Resource Scheduler account.

When the user switches to this location, reservations are able to be made without any difficulty.

Why? My assumption is that the code in the Resource Reservations database tells it to look in the busytime database on the home server of the current user, rather than doing the logical thing of looking in the busytime database on the server specified in the Resource's resource document in the Domino Directory.

Now I have separate "user" accounts set up for each site that users at any other location can use to make reservations involving resources at that site. It works like a charm, and results in fewer calls to the Help Desk!

Since this problem plagued me for a long time and I never found this information documented, I hope it might be useful to other administrators.

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