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Resource.Nsf ( Resrc45.Ntf) Rooms Always Busy?

If your rooms always report busy, even when you know that they are not, try
I found that my problem was caused by the difference between
NotesTimedate.LSLocaltime and NotesTimeDate.Localtime properties.

It might be a logical error made by the developer.

My server's time settings are Norwegian: hh:mm:ss.

In the AutoProcessReservations agent in the resource database, there is a
function (Function CheckProfileTimes) checking requested date - time period
against the settings for that resource (room).

Here is a part of that function:
If (Hour(dtRequestStart.LSLocalTime) > 0) Then
Set dateItem1 = New NotesDateTime(dtRequestStart.LSlocaltime)
Set dateItem1 = New NotesDateTime(dtRequestStart.DateOnly & " 00:00:01")
End If
If (Hour(dtrequestEnd) > 0) Then
Set dateItem2 = New NotesDateTime(dtRequestEnd.LSLocalTime)
Set dateItem2 = New NotesDateTime(dtRequestEnd.DateOnly & " 00:00:01")
End If
As the New NotesDateTime only accepts the time format mm/dd/YY, the above will
give an wrong date. 11.07.00, as the Norwegian time format, is the 11th of
July -- but it becomes 07.11.00, which is the 7th of November!!!

Changing the script a little, using the localtime properties instead for
LSLocaltime, helps.

dtRequestStart.LSlocaltime =>dtRequestStart.localtime

dtRequestEnd.LSLocalTime => dtRequestEnd.LocalTime

My AutoProcessReservations agent now seems to be working fine.

I'm going to report this to Lotus Development/Iris.

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