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Restart Client Without Reboot - R4.6 / Look Lower For R5 Solution

This work-around was a big help in resolving a client problem at the Tier1
support level:

Occasionally the Notes client will crash for an unknown reason, especially when
launching Netscape from a URL within a Notes mail message. When you attempt to
restart Notes, you get the following error message:

"Unable to open desktop file...shut down the operating system before you launch
Notes again."

which implies that you must reboot your system. There is, however, a way to
avoid this time-consuming process. Pressing &LTCtrl<>Alt<>Del> will open up the
task manager window on your Win95 workstation. Select the task "Namgr" and
then press the End Task button.

You should now be able to restart the Notes client without restarting your

Brett Walsh, Gill Studios
Restart Client Without Reboot - R5
Recently a posted tip suggested that to restart Notes without having to reboot
the OS simply press &LTCtrl<>Alt<>Del> select "Namgr" and click "End Task". The
authors tip was for Notes 4.6 Here is the same tip but for Notes R5 on Windows
95/98 machines. Press &LTCtrl<>Alt<>Del> and select "Nhldaemn" and click "End
Task". Also if you had an instance of the Notes browser opened at the time of
the crash you will also need to select "Nweb" and click "End Task".

This will allow Notes R5 to restart without a reboot.

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