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Restart Server automatically

Restart your Domino server off hours without either having to be there or dial-in create a program doc to do it.

Scheduled Server Restarts
Do you need to get changes made to the server document by tomorrow but you can't stay late tonight to do a server restart? Boss won't buy you a laptop so you can dial in and issue a "restart server" command. Fear not, this tip will get the job done and impress your Boss.

All you need to do is go to the Configuration tab and expand the Server options. Select programs and then Add program. Fill in the following fields as shown below.

Basics Tab
Program Name: Nserver Command Line: -c "restart server" Note. This is case sensitive so lower case only!! The quotes must be included!!!

Server to run on: Place the name of the server you wish to restart here.

Schedule Tab

Fill in the details for when you want this to run.

It's as simple as that. Now you get the server restarted whenever you like without being there and maybe even that raise your Boss has always promised you!

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