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Retrieve Lotus Notes names from a nested group using @DBLookup

Discover how to retrieve a list of Lotus Notes names from a nested group using the @DBLookup command and Formula language code, courtesy of member Mike Bryant.

Having problems using the @DBLookup command to retrieve a list of Lotus Notes names from a group that contains other groups (also known as a "nested group")?

This Formula language code retrieves the list of values in a Lotus Notes nested group, and then adds them to a list one by one -- as a common name if it's a person, or by looking up the values if it's a group.

All you need to do is:

  1. Copy the Formula language code below.
  2. Paste it into a computed, multi-value field.
  3. Change the group name to match yours.
  4. Run the code.

You can also add error trapping for the lookups as needed.

db := "names.nsf";
svr := @Subset(@DbName;1);
luKey := "YourGroupNameGoesHere";
List := @DbLookup("":"NoCache"; 
svr: db; "($VIMGroups)"; luKey; 3);
@Unique(@Name([CN]; List));

@For(n := 1; n <= @Elements(List); 
n := n + 1; @If( (@Left(List[n] ; 2) = "CN") ; 
temp := temp : @Name([CN] ; List[n]); 
temp := temp : @Name([CN] ; @DbLookup
($VIMGroups)"; List[n] ; 3))


Note: This tip will only work if you are using Lotus Notes Domino R6.x or greater. I know this may not always work for everyone, but it solved a lot of headaches for me.


You could also use the undocumented @ExpandNameList function:


This function is undocumented, so it's not officially supported and may go away in a future release. It does, however, still work in Lotus Notes Domino 8 and has been around at least since version 5. Most likely, it won't be removed soon.
—Tim T.


You could also use the following Formula language code:

@Sort(@Name([CN] ;
@ExpandNameList(Server : 
Database; Group)))



I believe this is a simpler form:

Group := "IT Programming; 
Server := ""; 
Database := "names.nsf"; 
@Sort(@Name([CN] ; 
@ExpandNameList(Server : 
Database; Group)))

I can't remember where I found the @ExpandNameList function; it might have been on or the IBM DeveloperWorks page (it isn't in 6.5.1 Designer Help). My notes suggest it's been around for at least two years.
—Ross B.

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