Retrieve RSS feeds, XML documents and Google news inside Lotus Notes

Get LotusScript code that can retrieves RSS feeds, XML documents and Google news from inside the Lotus Notes client, courtesy of member Thomas Adrian.

You can use this LotusScript code to retrieve any kind of RSS feed, XML document on the Web, or Google news feed from inside the Lotus Notes client.

Note: This only works on Microsoft Windows.

Sub Click(Source As Button)
' This script fetches News 
feeds from Google from within the Lotus Notes client
' You could apply this technique 
to any site that return RSS or XML format.
' Use the xpath query to change 
what you want to return
' This script requires Microsoft Windows.

' 1. Create a new form, and a field called Result
' 2. Make the field allow multiple 
values and separate on new line
' 3. Create a new button and paste 
in the LotusScript
' 4 Preview the form, click the button 
and enter a search query

Dim nodes As Variant,
xpath As Variant,xmldoc As Variant
Dim ws As New notesuiworkspace,
q As Variant,url As String
Dim doc As notesdocument,
item As notesitem,v As Integer
Set doc = ws.currentdocument.document

q =Evaluate(|@ReplaceSubstring
("| + Inputbox("Query","Enter Query",
"volvo") + |";" ";"+")|)
Print Implode(q)
Set xmlDoc=CreateObject
url = "" 
+ Implode(q) + "&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&output=rss" 
Set nodes=xmlDoc.selectNodes(xpath)
doc.Result = "" 
If doc.IsNewNote Then Call doc.Save(False,False)
Set item = doc.GetFirstItem("Result")

Forall x In nodes
v = v + 1  
Call item.AppendToTextList(Cstr(v) + ". " + x.text)
End Forall

End Sub


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This is a nice tip, but you should take note that the sample LotusScript provided retrieves items from Google Sweden in Swedish. Change the url= line to
url = "" + Implode(q) + "&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&output=rss" to get results in English from
—John H.

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