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Rich Text to plain text conversion with Formula

Use Formula to convert Rich Text to plain text.

On Web applications, it is often required to get user input as big chunk of text (Such as Comments of feedback form). A rich-text box can be used with "Display using HTML." For displaying purpose, it might be necessary to convert the so-called Rich Text back to plain text.

Steps :

1. Add Rich text field to form (Say "MyField")
2. Add another Plain text field to the form (Say "MyTextField"), set the Type as "Text" and "Computed"
3. Select the property to hide the "MyTextField" from Notes client and Web browsers.
4. In Programmers pane, set the value for "MyTextField" as @Abstract([TextOnly];512;" ";"MyField");

Done! Use the "MyTextField" throughout the application. It will have plain text equivalent of "MyField".

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