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Running Multiple Copies Of Notes

In an environment that suport multiple versions of Lotus Notes you may need to
run 3, 4, 5 versions of Notes simultaneously. This only works for Notes 4.5x
and below.
Install all the versions of Lotus Notes on the desktop that you may need, ie
R3, R4.1, R4.5, being sure to put them in seperate directories. Each time you
do the install Move the Notes.ini file from the system directory to the Notes
directory. Notes first searchs the Notes directory then the system directory,
so you will get the correct ini for the version that you are running. Now
create a shortcut for each of the versions, ie Notes 3, Notes 4.1 etc. Right
click on the shortcuts and under properties change the executable from
notes.exe to nlnotes.exe. This will bring up Notes without the splash screen
and it will not utilize the Quincy debugger, other than that Notes will behave
as normal. Next just click each of the icons and you will have all the versions
of notes running that you need simultaneously.

***Update: Because of how Lotus Notes searches for the Notes.ini, First the
that the executable was launched and then the systems
directory (Windows or WINNT). The addition of your line to the shortcut is
not necessary unless you have a special location for the
ini file that falls outside of the scope of directory structure or the
systems directroy. This tip was meant as a means run several copies
of Lotus Notes at once. I.E a Help Desk Technician is supporting Notes
3.35, 4.1 and 4.5. With this he could have all the copies running a
nd just switch to the version that he needs instead of shutting down one
and starting another.

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