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Script To Sort Groups In R4

While R5 has a built-in action to alphabetically sort groups in the Address
Book, R4.x has no feature. This script sorts a group alphabetically (by first
name) using an indexed shellsort.

Sub Initialize
Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim dc As NotesDocumentCollection
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim PersonDoc As NotesDocument
Dim GroupView As NotesView
Dim GroupDoc As NotesDocument
Dim MemberItem As NotesItem

REM Get current session info
Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
Set dc = db.UnprocessedDocuments

REM Setup Logging
Dim AgentLog As NotesLog
Set AgentLog = New NotesLog ("Group Log" )
Call AgentLog.OpenAgentLog

REM Loop through selected groups
REM Loop through all the documents in the database
For doc% = 1 To dc.Count
Set GroupDoc = dc.GetNthDocument(doc%)

REM Groups only
If (GroupDoc.Type(0) = "Group") Then

Set MemberItem = GroupDoc.GetFirstItem("Members")

REM Print name
AgentLog.LogAction("Sorting group: " & GroupDoc.ListName(0))
Print "Sorting group: " & GroupDoc.ListName(0)

REM Indexed Shellsort
REM Determine the array size
ArraySize% = 0
Forall items In GroupDoc.Members
ArraySize% = ArraySize% + 1
End Forall

REM Initialize Index array
Redim IndexArray% (ArraySize%)
For x% = 0 To ArraySize%
IndexArray%(x%) = x%
AgentLog.LogAction("Number of Members: " & ArraySize%)

REM Find starting point
Dim h As Integer
For h% = 1 To ArraySize% / 9
h% = h% * 3

REM Walk back 40, 13, 4, 1 ...
Dim Name1 As NotesName
Dim Name2 As NotesName
While h% > 0
For i% = h% To ArraySize% - 1
v% = IndexArray%(i%)
j% =
Set Name1 = New NotesName
Set Name2 = New NotesName (GroupDoc.Members(v%))

REM Might choose to sort by something besides first name
While ((j% >= h%) And (Name1.Common > Name2.Common))
IndexArray%(j%) = IndexArray%(j%-h%)
j% = j% - h%
If (j% > h%) Then
Set Name1 = New NotesName
Set Name2 = New NotesName
End If
IndexArray%(j%) = v%
h% = h% / 3

REM Move results to a string array
Redim StringArray (0 To ArraySize%-1)
For x% = 0 To ArraySize%-1
AgentLog.LogAction(x% & " = " &
StringArray(x%) = GroupDoc.Members(IndexArray%(x%))

REM Replace original data
GroupDoc.Members = StringArray

REM Save results
Call GroupDoc.Save(False,False)
End If
End Sub

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